“Başakşehir Performed the First Kidney Transplant in Health Tourism”

International Healt Services Inc.(USHAŞ), which was established to make Turkey as a global health tourism brand, brought Taıba Shakerulla Ataulla and her donor husband Mohammad Parviz (33) to Başakşehir Çam ve Sakura Hospital for kidney transplant surgery. Turkey became a hope for Kazakh couple who live in Saudi Arabia.

Panama Ambassador made a visit to USHAŞ!

Mrs Ambassador highlighted that they are following closely Turkey’s drug, medical device and medical consumable Industries’ progress and pointed out their desire to give every support to Turkey in order to be a base country for Turkey’s health products exportation in America.

Turkey and Kuwait Business Association Meeting

Turkey's health services and products export opportunities were reviewed in a video conference with Kuwaiti health system officials. The meeting resulted in an agreement for cooperation in all areas of health, thanks to our country's strong health infrastructure and success in the struggle against Covid-19.

USHAŞ and UNDP IICPSD have signed an agreement!

Within the scope of fight against Covid19, USHAŞ's personal protective equipment supplier role has been appreciated by many countries and taken as an example. This success of USHAŞ has been determined as a role model for developing countries by UNDP.

USHAŞ and Aselsan signed a new cooperation!

USHAŞ and Aselsan signed a new cooperation! Production and export of domestic and national ventilator Biosys continues unabated.

Related to International Health Tourism Patients' Entry Permit Procedures During COVID-19 Pandemic

As stated in the letter of the Ministry of Health General Directorate of Health Services dated 15.05.2020 and numbered 14500235-419-E.1097, patients and relatives who will come to our country during the COVID-19 Pandemic will be registered in the patient follow-up system of USHAŞ.

Measures About Patients and Patients' Relatives Who Will Come to Our Country Within the Scope of International Health Tourism

During the fight against coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the conditions of admission, admission, hospitalization, treatment, discharge and isolation rules of patients who want to receive healthcare services from our country, hospitalization, treatment, discharge and isolation rules and measures to be taken for patients and accompanyers were determined.
Health Tourism

The target of 2023 in health tourism is 1.5 million health tourists.

Health Tourism Legislation
Intermediary Institution Authorization

Regulation on International Health Tourism and Tourist Health.

Medicine and Medical Device

Domestic and international purchases and sales of medicines, medical supplies and medical devices.