Canadian Government’s Official Website Recommends “HealthTürkiye” Web Portal for Health Tourism

Haberi Paylaş

The Official Website of the Government of Canada recommended the “HealthTürkiye” web portal for Health Tourism.

The official website of the Canadian government made an announcement to its citizens who will come to Turkey for health tourism. In the statement on the website, “Medical services to Turkey

If you are planning to travel to Turkey, you should apply for a medical visa through the HealthTürkiye web portal.” The statement said.


The Canadian government also emphasized that medical tourism is widespread in Turkey and that the HealthTürkiye web portal is reliable. “The Government of Turkey has created the ‘HealthTürkiye’ web portal to provide information to foreigners about medical tourism in Turkey,” the statement said.


We are determined to continue to publicize the global achievements of our health system with our “HealthTürkiye” brand.