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Area Of Duty & Responsibility

Our company is authorized to purchase and sell medicines, medical supplies and medical devices in Turkey and abroad, as well as to supply medicinal products for human use that are not available in the market in our country for various reasons.

In addition, it is among the duties of our company to take the role of a supplier in public procurements between countries and to supply the materials needed for hospitals operating abroad under the Ministry of Health.


Laws and Regulations

  • USHAŞ, which was established in accordance with the second paragraph of Annex 2 of the Decree Law No. 663, entered into force by being published in the Official Gazette dated 03.08.2018 and numbered 30498, is authorized to supply medicines, devices and medical supplies.
  • As of 10.01.2020, it has been authorized to obtain human medicinal products from abroad that are not licensed and / or licensed in our country for various reasons.
  • USHAS, except for the provisions of the criminal ban and tender 4/1/2002 dated: 4734 public procurement law, 5/1/2002 dated; public enterprises and public procurement contracts law no.4735 dated the decree No. 233 dated 18.06.1984 are not subject to.


Ministry of Public Health General Directorate, Microbiology Reference Laboratories and Biological Products Department and Bioeksen R&D Technologies Ltd. in partnership, we developed the COVID- 19 diagnostic kit for molecular testing of SARS-COV2 based on a reference protocol published by the WHO on January 17, 2020. The title of the reference method is “Diagnostic detection of Wuhan coronavirus 2019 with real-time RT-PCR”.


BioSpeedy Covid-19 Kit

It was developed in scope and produced “rapid viral nucleic acid isolation and diagnostic kit” to be produced by the intellectual property rights and / or the commercialization rights of Turkey Institutes of Health Administration (TÜSEB), the production of goods and / or commercialization rights exclusively indefinitely on 02/03/2020 handed over to USHAŞ.

BioSpeedy COVID-19 Kit;
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Biovent- Turkey’s First Intensive Care Device Type Mechanical Ventilator

Turkey’s First Intensive Care Device Type Mechanical Ventilator
The commercialization rights of the mechanical ventilator device, designed and developed with completely local facilities, compatible with all pediatric, adult and male patients, with integrated nebulizer system, have been transferred to USHAŞ indefinitely.

Biyovent Mechanical Ventilator Device;
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