Health tourism

Today, there is an annual traffic of 30 million people who go out of their countries within the scope of health tourism in order to receive quality health services with more affordable prices and shorter waiting times. Health tourism expenditures in the world are expressed with approximately 500 Billion Dollars.


Our country, within a 4-hour flight distance, has an important geographical location that appeals to approximately 1 billion people and 57 countries. Thanks to the ease of transportation through Turkish Airlines, a national airline brand that flies to most destinations in the world (120 countries, 299 cities and 302 airports), Türkiye is considered as the ideal region for health tourism.


In recent years, our country has been able to provide high-quality health services to its citizens, thanks to the Health Transformation Program. In addition, with its rapidly developing potential for health tourism, our country has become one of the most preferred countries in the world. Our aim is to meet the needs of individuals seeking high-quality, fast, and effective healthcare services worldwide, with a particular focus on neighboring countries.


With highly specialized qualified human resources in the medical staff at our health facilities, its geographical structure, seasonal advantages, quality health service provision, world-class technological and medical equipment, affordable price advantage compared to Europe, thermal underground resources at the top place in the world, young and dynamic population compared to the rapidly growing elderly population in the world as well as traditional Turkish hospitality, Türkiye’s is the shining star of the world and our studies has been continuing for Türkiye to be one of the most preferred countries in health tourism.