Ventilator – Biosys/Biyovent Ventilation Device

All sales rights of mechanical ventilator device suitable for 100% local and national intensive care, produced by Bioysy company in the factory of Arçelik company, only belong to USHAŞ, a successful chart was drawn at USHAŞ, for sales and marketing of these devices, especially in Türkiye and to different locations of the world.

Our 100% domestic and national device is a device that is accepted and enjoyed by healthcare workers in terms of both design and features

Comparison of our mechanical ventilator device, suitable for 100% domestic and national intensive care, with the mechanical ventilator devices used in the industry is as follows..

Local distribution of Mechanical Ventilator devices supplied by USHAŞ to Başakşehir Çam and Sakura Hospital, Hadımköy Dr. İsmail Niyazi Kurtulmuş Hospital, Sancaktepe Martyr Professor İlhan Varank T.R.H, Yeşilköy Multipurpose Emergency Hospital and also to The Turkish Red Crescent.

Also, Mechanical Ventilator Devices were also exported abroad to mainly Brazil, Nigeria, Somalia, Uzbekistan, Chad, Afghanistan, Niger, Romania and United Arab Emirates.

As another reflection of the successful struggle of our country in the Covid-19 epidemic; the fact that it came to the point where it can develop and export respiratory equipment with domestic and national facilities in such a period, and the recognition of the device in broad geographies, will provide the contribution to the promotion of our country’s health system and our export of health technologies.

Biyovent Mechanical Ventilator Device;
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