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Human Resources Policy

As USHAŞ, we are an innovative organization that follows the dynamics of the sector, adds value to its employees and aims to train its own managers. Our company has a dynamic structure that attaches importance to the self-renewal of its employees and believes in the continuity of development.


Thanks to its meticulousness in personnel selection, USHAŞ employs competent people for the positions created and creates a talented staff suitable for the growing structure of the company. In addition to technical knowledge and training, the common characteristics we look for in our candidates are compatibility with our company values, teamwork, offering creative solutions in a busy work tempo, being able to plan, being result and solution oriented. During the recruitment process, positions are opened by identifying accurate and effective workforce needs. Our priority is to reveal the potential in candidates and support your career planning with development opportunities.


USHAŞ, recruitment process is carried out through advertisements published on Kariyer.net and LinkedIn. All applications are based on the principle of confidentiality. In the recruitment process, evaluations are carried out with competency-based interviews, taking into account equal opportunity.