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Strategic Objectives

Our company has intensified its efforts to achieve our country's 2024 targets and has set its strategic goals for health tourism as follows:

- Realization of strategic promotion and marketing activities for target countries with a top country brand to be used in the promotion of health tourism of our country abroad,
- Opening health tourism coordination offices, advanced diagnostic centers and hospitals in target countries,
- Agreements with foreign government agencies and insurance companies,
- Effective promotion and professional operation of the Health Tourism Web Portal, where the general promotion of health tourism in Turkey and the services offered by health institutions are introduced, and patient guidance and reservation opportunities are available through the portal,
- Regulating service delivery and standards in the field of health tourism,
- Coordinating incentives, authorizations, audits, complaints, registration and statistics on health tourism by a single authority (USHAŞ),
- Establishing an information infrastructure for patients arriving as health tourists, where complaints and satisfaction can be monitored,
- Carrying out joint projects to establish elderly care villages and cure centers in the field of geriatrics and implementing pilot projects in this context,
- Increasing the number of health and thermal tourism enterprises and implementing pilot projects in this context.