A cooperation protocol on health education was signed between USHAŞ Academy and University House Education Consultancy Co. Ltd.


It was signed by Unihouse Training and Capacity Building Director Ben Muziek and USHAŞ Chairman of the Board Dr. Selami Kılıç, , at USHAŞ Ankara Ministry of Health Building.


Making the opening speech of the Cooperation Protocol meeting, USHAŞ Chairman of the Board Dr. Selami Kılıç said: “The first action of the cooperation protocol we signed with Unihouse today will aim to strengthen the capacity of our health professionals working in health tourism, which is one of the most important issues of international health services.” dedi.


“The Cooperation Protocol meeting started with the opening speech of Dr Selami Kılıç, Chairman of the USHAŞ Board of Directors. In his speech Mr. Kılıç talked about the umbrella brand “HealthTurkey” and that the USHAŞ Academy, which is an important component of the brand, will continue to design educational activities. He stated that with the signed protocol, trainings that will contribute to the provision of international health tourism services will be started first, and then new training programs will be planned according to the needs and demands.


In the meeting; as USHAŞ side, USHAŞ Chairman of the Board Dr. Selami Kılıç, USHAŞ Academy Project Coordinator Dr. Ebru Aydın, USHAŞ Legal and Contracts Manager Ali Burak Kırkbaş, USHAŞ Protocol and Organization Officer Emrah Karaca have attended.


In addition, from the delegation of University House Education Consultancy Ltd., Unihouse Training and Capacity Building Director Ben Muziek, Unihouse Education Consultant Aşkım Balko, Unihouse educators and British Embassy representatives have attended.


In order to support our country’s place in international health services, USHAŞ Academy rapidly implements the training programs needed by the sector by making holistic evaluations and needs analyzes related to trainings, and continues to support our HealthTürkiye umbrella brand.