‘Professional Talks with Tourism Students’ Program was Held!


Mehmet Ali Kılıçkaya, General Manager of USHAŞ, attended the ‘Professional Talks with Tourism Students’ program organized by Başkent University as a speaker. Answering the questions that students wonder about the sector, Kılıçkaya emphasized the success and importance of Türkiye’s health system as well as the health education system.

Kılıçkaya stated that it is necessary to be knowledgeable and experienced in this field in order to promote the Turkish health system abroad.

Stating that Health Tourism is not just a patient-oriented approach, Kılıçkaya stated that “Health tourism includes the concepts of Thermal Health Tourism, Medical Tourism, Senior Tourism, and Accessible Tourism. In line with these concepts, Türkiye, with its’ important geopolitical position, opportunities, and with the assurance of the T.R. Ministry of Health, is one of the most successful countries in the world in health tourism.”

Kılıçkaya gave information about the sector to the students and mentioned the following topics: “What is health tourism?; the situation of the global health tourism industry; the current situation of health tourism in Türkiye; health campuses, country analysis in the field of medical tourism, the activities of USHAŞ, the internationalization strategies of health institutions for health tourism, and incentives for health tourism”.

At the end of the program, Kılıçkaya emphasized that the UK Business Health Forum organized by USHAŞ, which will be held on between 2-3 December and will be attended by the Turkish Minister of Health and the British Minister of Health, is of great importance for the sector. By inviting students he stated that it is a beneficial opportunity to gain information that can be useful for them in the future.