Our USHAŞ Academy Project Coordinator, Dr. Ebru AYDIN, participated as a speaker in the 13th OHSAD ‘Common Solutions Meetings in Healthcare.


On the first day of the 13th “Joint Solution Meetings in Healthcare” organized by OHSAD from December 6 to 10, 2023, Dr. Ebru AYDIN, the Project Coordinator of USHAŞ Academy, participated as a speaker in the  session titled “Balneotherapy, Elderly Care, Collaboration Opportunities, and Legislative Regulations: Elderly  Care Tourism.”

In the session moderated by OHSAD General Secretary Dr. Uğur BARAN, Dr. Ebru AYDIN, along with the President of the Tourism Balneology and Clinical Spa Centers Association Dr. Ilgaz NACAKOĞLU, OHSAD Board Consultant Hüseyin ÇELİK, and TOBB Türkiye Health Tourism Board Elderly/Residential Care Commission Chairman Hüseyin KAHVECİ, shared their insights.


During her presentation, Dr. Ebru AYDIN emphasized the health and long-term care needs of the rapidly aging population, highlighting the increase in healthcare expenditures related to this issue with statistics and academic studies. She stressed the importance of elderly care tourism and thermal facilities in health tourism. Dr. Aydın also discussed key focuses in elderly care policies, fundamental approaches in elderly-friendly healthcare services, globally well-implemented examples, regulatory frameworks related to elderly healthcare and nursing in Türkiye, practices of the Ministry of Health, the role of spas and thermal tourism in health tourism, target markets for elderly care tourism, and provided a detailed overview of USHAŞ’s activities and USHAŞ Academy’s projects in this field.