USHAŞ participated in the Organization of Turkic States Supply Chain Group meeting.

Haberi Paylaş

During the Supply Chain Meeting of the Organization of Turkic States held online, Mr. Murat MERCAN, General Manager of USHAŞ Murat MERCAN talked about the fields of activity of USHAŞ within the scope of the Law on the Establishment of USHAŞ and emphasized that the free movement of medical devices, medicines and consumables plays a critical role for the continuity of health services. At this point, he stated that it is also very important to reduce bureaucratic obstacles in order to ensure full free movement among the member states of the Organization of Turkic States. He also mentioned the importance of working together to strengthen supply chains among the member states.


In this framework, the importance of harmonizing standards, establishing a logistics and distribution network, establishing a training and information sharing infrastructure, and establishing digital platforms in procurement processes were mentioned. Finally, it was mentioned that business forums that will strengthen the health policies of member states in the field of both pharmaceutical and medical supply and international health services will contribute to the sectoral development in all member states.

USHAŞ - Organization of Turkic States Supply Chain Group Meeting