The Strategic Partnership Between USHAŞ And Mastercard In Health Tourism!


USHAŞ signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Mastercard to make Türkiye a global base in health tourism.


Within the scope of the “Turkish Medical City” platform developed by USHAŞ, foreign Mastercard users visiting Türkiye for treatment will be able to receive end-to-end service by taking advantage of special offers at the hospitals contracted by USHAŞ. It is planned to expand the scope of the cooperation, which will be activated in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan as of November, in the upcoming period. Mastercard will provide marketing support to USHAŞ’s campaigns through the global financial institution’s network and will contribute to the effective promotion of Türkiye’s healthcare capacity, opportunities, and potential abroad.

Mehmet Ali KILIÇKAYA, General Manager of USHAŞ and Vice Chairman of the Board made the statement saying: “As USHAŞ, we are rapidly continuing our efforts to make Türkiye a leading brand in health tourism. I fully believe that the end-to-end health tourism experience we will provide for MasterCard’s privileged customers will greatly contribute to our future goals. My hope is that this project, which will start in 3 pilot countries, will spread globally. I am very happy with our cooperation.”