Patient Tracking System

Patient Follow-up System;

This platform is used to reach the physician in the relevant hospital for diagnosis and treatment requests of patients abroad who plan to come to Turkey for treatment, and to determine the anticipated treatment costs and process.


Thanks to this platform, international patient units in all city, university and state hospitals in Turkey can professionally and promptly manage the patient follow-ups.


Through this system, users can easily access the registration procedures, the price information for their treatment, the invitation letters required to obtain a health visa, and the transfer details requested in case of need for all non-Turkish patients who intend to receive health services in our country.


The use of the Patient Follow-up System for patients referred to public hospitals is very important in terms of health tourism.


Thanks to the Patient Follow-up System;

Transactions of all patient services performed in Health Tourism;

• Are easily recorded,

• Disruption and waiting between processes can be monitored transparently, and

• The reports can be obtained through data.


Thus, as USHAŞ, we are able to provide high quality, efficient and high technology health services in the field of health tourism to our patients who apply to Türkiye.