Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital Brings an Honorary Award to Our Country


Providing superior health services, Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital broke new ground for Turkey by leaving all its competitors around the world behind with its urban, functional, and sustainability features.

The most outstanding projects of the real estate sector in the world were evaluated at the International Real Estate Fair, which was held in France this year with the theme of “Directing Urban Transformation”. As a result of the evaluations, Başakşehir Çam and Sakura Hospital won the “Best Health Complex Award” at MIPIM with the title of “The Building with the World’s Largest Seismic Isolator” by holding 2 thousand 68 seismic isolators. At the same time, our hospital continues to provide the best healthcare services to the world by opening the “Europe’s largest” burns unit with a capacity of 61 beds.